How to Rank Better in Search Results

The internet has leveraged the common man with the power to do things they always wanted to do. Today people are defying 9 to 5 jobs and are taking up freelancing jobs. Freelancing allows people to develop a brand out of their services. Quality services are always going to find a buyer. If you are adamant with quality and are on time then you are going to be successful in the world of freelancing.

Content Marketing is the best strategy for startups and for small-scale businesses. When you do not have that big investment you need not to pay a lot for marketing. Content marketing is going to help you cope with the challenges.

Fresh Content:

It is important for your business that you are publishing new and trending content. Fresh content is the new love of the search engines. They have an algorithm ‘Query Deserved Freshness’ and this algorithm comes under play every time an obsolete topic is being searched all over again on the world wide web.

This is somewhat related to event blogging. This algorithm of Google flushes all the old articles out of its database and looks forward to indexing new and fresh content. Now that you have an understanding of how Google works, it is time for you to publish new and unique content on your blog.

Vertical Search Results:

According to Webmasters and Pro-bloggers SEO is dead. It died with Google rolling Panda updates in 2012. Now that SEO is dead, what is the procedure followed for ranking a website? The rules are still the same. You need to follow the guidelines in order to be visible to the search engines.

Keyword density, Meta description, alt tags and optimized images are some of the common things you will have to take care of. Follow the same old paradigm of ranking along with link building and you will see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Search engines keep involving themselves because webmasters tend to master the tricks and leaves no space for the newbies. With the changing algorithm there remains the scope of development and progress for the newbies in the town.

Vertical Search Results are related to ranking of the webpage through the images embedded in it. If you are adding the requisite keyword and alt tags to the image then you are allowing search engines to index your blog because of the image you have used and optimized.

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